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Package Printing You Can Depend On.  Our modifications and upgrades are designed to increase performance, increase up-time and decrease waste.  Our precision-engineered systems are the industry standard for productivity, efficiency, reliability and flexibility. It starts with the way we design and build – a total obsession with quality, performance and long-term value.

But it's much more than robust engineering. PCMC upgrades use the most intuitive controls in the industry.  Our highly flexible designs maintain modular technologies that let you quickly adapt to process changes and new products.  PCMC equipment gives you consistently high-quality results with consistently lower costs – from time and materials to energy.

Every upgrade is backed with a total commitment to your success – from installation support to superior-quality parts and service.

Wide Web Press Upgrades feature:
  • Engineered for Reliability
  • Optimized for Up-Time
  • Customized Solutions
  • Next-Generation Servo Technology
  • Operator-Friendly Ergonomics
  • Quick-Change Design

eXtreme Dryer

  • Patented eXtreme™ dryer outperforms any dryer in use today. Proven in over 1000 installations
  • Designed for C.I. and in-line high speed flexo presses, outboard gravure coating decks, digital printing, adhesives, and pre-print applications
  • Compact size and easy module access. With eXtreme dryer technology, each dryer module has a dedicated control system for pressure and temperature adjustments
  • Higher potential press speeds, lower retained solvent levels
  • Up to 90% less supply air required – eliminates the introduction of solventladen air into the nozzle supply stream
  • Up to 60% less exhaust air is needed. Up to 60% higher solvent concentration for more efficient incinerator performance.
  • “Whisper Quiet” operation
  • Potential 25-50% energy savings compared to gas. Fixed energy costs compared to volatile gas costs
  • Reduced floor space required. No recirculation required for less heat dissipation and better drying
  • Lower maintenance. No gas train, burners, or blowers
  • Available on new PCMC equipment or as retrofits on existing printing presses and other converting processes
eXtreme System Standards:
  • Supply Volumes of Compressed Air: 10-50 SCFM at 30 psi (1 bar) per module (varies by size of module and operating nozzle pressure)
  • Operating Nozzle Pressure: Variable between 10 to 25 psi (0.7-1.7 bar) depending on drying requirements
  • Heating Power: Selectable at 2, 4, 5, 6, or 8 kW per module at 240 VAC
  • Achievable Nozzle Temperature: In excess of 500ο F (varies on size of module, heat element selection, and operating nozzle pressure)
Available for the following Machines:
  • ADP
  • Avanti
  • EADP
  • Encore
  • Fusion
  • Infinity I
  • Infinity II
  • Infinity NT
  • Prelude
  • Premier I
  • Premier II
  • ProVision
  • Vision I
  • Vision II
  • Vision C
  • Vision G
  • VisionMax

Vortex HP™ Press Wash Up System

  • Hands-free system, fully automatic
  • Saves valuable changeover time—
  • as fast as 4 minutes per wash cycle
  • Machine-paced performance,
  • repeatable cycle to cycle, operator
  • to operator
  • Selectable deck wash cycle, match
  • wash up needs
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Controlled-flow performance
  • Modular design
Industry-Preferred Capabilities:
  • Efficient solvent usage; best in class!
  • Versatile, solvent-dispensing pumps with forward
  • and reverse directions
  • Peristaltic pumps eliminate pulsing and don't require rebuilding like
  • diaphragm pumps
  • Single pail top with easy to use connection
  • Uses industry-standard ink container
  • Designed to operate as a seperate module
  • Designed to use most in-line viscosity control systems
  • Internal piping in each unit eliminates hoses and wires on the floor
  • Short hose piping eliminates traps
System Improvements:

The Vortex HPTM provides fast, fully automatic wash-up via valving, eliminating the need for hose changes. By adding valves to automate the process and incorporating additional pumps for solvent discharge, all print decks can be washed in about 4 - 8 minutes without the need to individually sequence the discharge process.

The automated hands-free design eliminates the potential for the anilox to dry out when the ink is removed from the chamber prior to a wash cycle, resulting in a more effective wash and cleaner anilox cells.

A simplified connection consisting of a single cam lock allows for the quick coupling and uncoupling of the supply hose, return hose, air stirrer and stainless ink pail cover. These components will be replaced with a set of clean parts and will need to be cleaned independently of the Vortex HPTM.

The viscosity control system can be integrated into the hard-piped ink lines so that there is no longer a manual connection into the ink container. Hard piping, where possible, eliminates system pressure from traps in the return lines and provides a consistent ink flow and efficient cleaning.

The new system includes discharge pumps, one for each print deck. Ink pumping and solvent wash-up are completed using individual peristaltic ink pumps. Solvent for the Vortex HPTM is supplied via two additional pumps. One supplies virgin solvent, and the other supplies solution from the solvent-saver tank.

All controls are located within the ink stand, including the touchscreen for ink pump speed and wash settings. Two cabinets are located at the backside of the press section. Each cabinet contains pumps and controls for up to five decks. One cabinet is for the upside decks and one cabinet for downside decks.

Available on the following Machines:
  • Avanti
  • Fusion
  • Infiniti I
  • Infiniti II
  • Infinity NT
  • Vision G


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