Our Products

Pattern Development

Whether you want a design, a new product to refresh the look of your current product, or just add more density, we can help.  Your specific requirements have lead our Design Team to develop thousands of pattern concepts which have evolved into hundreds of successful new products. With more than 40 years of pattern development and nearly 80 years of product development, we have the knowledge to help move your product to the next level.

Our Sleeve System

Ebonite covered and laser engraved fiberglass sleeves make a quick, easy and less expensive way to test new designs on the lab line.  They also allow for longer storage so you can test past designs against new designs in the future.

Lab Line

Once you have utilized all the design and development knowledge for your new pattern or product, it is time to test the market’s reaction by putting something tangible in their hands.  Wound and perforated samples from the lab line can be run for nearly every embossing process.  The fiberglass/engraved ebonite sleeves make the process quicker and less expensive.  We also use the lab line to test our new innovations/patterns and integrate new designs/processes to achieve predetermined, specified results.

Lab line product used for consumer use testing


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