Tissue Converting

PCMC offers a wide range of machines for converting roll products for both consumer and away-from home markets. From the contract converter who is new to the industry to the established global brands, our customers rely on us for converting solutions that fit their needs. Machines from the unwind through the logsaw, and everything in between, are configured based on the finished products to be converted and the production capacity and flexibility needs of the converter.

  • Wide range of continuous lines, as well as start-stop machines
  • There are converters running PCMC lines that are 40+ years old
  • Those converters are installing the latest PCMC lines to continue to grow their business


Reel unwinding is the first phase of the converting process. PCMC offers both surface and center-driven unwinds with a range of maximum reel diameters and reel weights. On surface-driven unwinds, the reel is unwound by belts in contact with the outside of the reel, while on center-driven unwinds the reel is driven through the core by a motorized chuck. The main consideration for surface vs. center-driven is the softness and fragility of the reel.

  • Promotes production efficiency by minimizing speed reduction or stoppage due to parent reel change
  • Unwinds available as manual splice, automatic stop-and-splice, or flying splice
  • Operators are able to safely and quickly clear them and keep production running

Embossers and Laminators

There are almost as many methods to emboss sheets as there are reasons to do so. Adding bulk, decoration, increasing absorption, softening, and adding color can all be done on PCMC embossers. When it comes to combining plies, PCMC builds both adhesive laminators and mechanical plybonders. For sheets which have excess bulk and a rough feel coming off the paper machine, PCMC calenders decrease bulk and add softness.

  • World leader, building new engraved rolls and re-engraving existing rolls using conventional tooling and laser technology.
  • Uses one or more of these processes: Rubber-Steel Embossing, Matched Steel Embossing, Perf Embossing, Nested Laminating Point-to-Point Laminating, Plybonding (Edge Embossing), Calendering


PCMC offers two and four-color central impression flexographic printers for tissue, towel, and napkins in a range of speed capabilities. All PCMC printers use hydraulic loading of the decks, enclosed doctor chambers, and have plate rolls available as standard steel, magnetic, or cantilevered for use with plate sleeves.

  • Can be supplied in-line with the converting equipment, or as part of a line producing pre-printed parent reels.
  • Productivity enhancements include systems for plate cleaning, ink wash-up, and web viewing.

Lotion Coaters

Lotion coaters are used to change the feel of a base sheet, apply balm lotions, or add fragrance. PCMC offers lotion coaters which use a gravure process to apply a coating to one or both sides of the paper, and are capable of applying hot or cold lotions. Gravure coating provides excellent uniformity, minimal lotion consumption and losses, and low maintenance. Coatings can be applied overall or in a specific pattern, and color tinted for further enhancements.


A converter makes money with the rewinder, and PCMC has the right rewinder. From the semi-automatic R350 to the ultra-quality, ultra-productive Forte Ultra, PCMC has rewinders for a wide range of consumer and away-from-home converting applications. As with all of our equipment, choosing the right rewinder starts with the mix of products to be converted and requirements for speed and productivity.

  • The Forte family sets the industry standard in surface winding availability and productivity
  • We continue to update and build the center (mandrel) winders – some products just run better on a center rewinder
  • The R350, IR450, and IR505 start-stop rewinders provide converting capacity with minimal initial investment and small footprint


PCMC offers tailsealers for sealing the end tail of paper on both consumer and away-from-home logs. Consumer tailsealers have a smaller diameter, but higher cycle rate capability, while away-from-home tailsealers have capability for sealing larger, heavier away-from-home logs at a lower rate. Some models apply the glue to the log with a cable, while others use spray guns. Certain PCMC rewinders can be built with the tailsealer incorporated into the rewinder frames. Free-standing tailsealers can be built to accept logs from either surface rewinders or center rewinders.


From simple roll-down tables to festoon accumulators with capacities for several hundred logs, PCMC builds accumulators to fully utilize the productivity of a rewinder and maintain steady production in a converting line. PCMC accumulators have several infeed options depending on cycle rate needs, and can be built to feed one, two, or even three saws. Festoon accumulators for consumer products are available with full-width extruded aluminum buckets or an aluminum tube with plastic fingers, while those for industrial products have robust welded steel buckets for very heavy logs.


Several models of logsaws for both consumer and away-from-home products are available from PCMC. Our consumer logsaws are available from two up to five cutting lanes with one or two circular blades. PCMC’s Prolog and Prolog LT consumer logsaws are unique in the industry in that, as it cuts, the blade moves in the direction of log travel. This means that the logs can move continuously instead of stopping to index for each roll. For away-from-home products, we offer logsaws which cut with a blade, as well as a bandsaw for especially dense logs.

  • The width and productivity of the rewinder line dictate the appropriate model of logsaw, and how many are required in the line.
  • Logsaws enable higher productivity and quality through unique technology

Core Machines

Whether dedicated to one converting line or as part of a centralized core making operation, PCMC has the right core machine for a wide range of finished product and productivity needs. PCMC offers machines to make cores for both consumer and industrial products. Consumer core machines can be built to run one and/or two-ply cores, while industrial core machines can run up to five plies.

  • Machines are faster, cleaner, more reliable and faster to change over
  • Produces cores with more consistent quality than machines even from a few years ago
  • Innovations in tension control, adhesive metering, and winding process control have contributed to these improvements


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