Tissue Packaging

PCMC offers wrappers and bundlers for bathroom tissue and kitchen towel which utilize continuous motion design, in which film is formed into a continuously moving tube into which rolls are fed. PCMC wrappers and bundlers are known for their long term reliability and efficiency. Continuous motion means higher sustainable speeds, less wear, higher product quality with shorter seals and tighter packages, with less operator intervention.


Continuous motion offers the opportunity to save on film costs while simultaneously being more environmentally friendly: the machines require a smaller film panel and can run low gauge film. PCMC’s wrapper technology has been proven over many years and continuously improved upon. In 2011, PCMC introduced the XF1000, which adds rapid changeover capability and compliancy for product variation in addition to speed and reliability.

  • PCMC wrappers are available in one, two, and three high-finished package configurations.


PCMC offers bundlers to handle unwrapped or pre-packaged rolls and process them into bundles with the rolls oriented “cores up” (vertical) or “cores down” (horizontal). A wide variety of final bundle formats are achievable. The quality of a bundle produced on a PCMC bundler is noticeable on the store shelf: the seals are minimal and clean, and the rolls inside are securely contained.


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