Machine Documentation

You need accurate, up-to-date documentation to safely operate, maintain and troubleshoot your PCMC equipment. We are committed to making these materials available to you.

On-line documentation is our latest innovation for new machines. With this feature, machine documentation is accessed and displayed on the machine Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Listed below are the original materials that typically shipped with your PCMC equipment, and based on the vintage of your equipment, are available in either paper or electronic (pdf) format today.

Installation and Layout Drawings
  • Floor Plans
  • Side Elevations
Instruction Manual
  • General Machine Functionality
  • Operating Procedures
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting Procedures
Mechanical Component Assembly Manual
  • Mechanical Component Assembly Drawings
  • Mechanical Bills of Material
Controls Manual
  • Electrical and H/P/L Component Assembly Drawings
  • Electrical and H/P/L Bills of Material
  • Electrical and H/P/L Schematic Drawings


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