Class-leading large format production with reliable, fast changeovers

The Ultraflow XF1000 is PCMC’s most versatile and capable machine when it comes to flexible bathroom tissue and kitchen towel wrappers. The XF technology features a continuous flow design, producing high-quality packages at sustainable high speeds.  A major reduction in change parts, new changeover features, and compliant materials allow for fast, repeatable changeovers with on-screen step-by-step instructions.


  • Jason Hilsberg

    Sales Director, Tissue

    p. 920-491-6670

    e. jason.hilsberg@pcmc.com

  • Continuous motion design
  • Slug stacking reduces dynamics by 8x
  • Motorized adjustments with digital feedback and calculated positions for fast initial pack setup
  • Changeover wizard provides onscreen instructions during changeover
  • Compliant materials for wide operating window and variations to incoming product
  • Large format range
  • Extremely low change part count
  • Closed loop film tension control
  • Potential film savings with small panels and thinner films
  • 5th infeed lane and 3rd level
  • Fast response lap seal heater provides better pack quality, energy and film savings, and faster ramp-up rates
  • Tipped / Turned roll detect system for infeed conveyor
  • 2nd perforator
  • LED indicators for timed air
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